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Ties to suits to shoes, looking your best for work.

Your image says more than a thousand words

When you work in interaction with your client, you need to have an image that reassures all good qualities about you and the company behind you. The impact of images in general is much greater than that of words or even actions, especially when it comes to a first impression. The way you dress communicates a lot about you and the service that you provide, be it true or not so much. Of course, what matters is the reaction that you will get from your client, so you have to make sure to design the way you look so you can reach your goals as a worker.


There are some jobs where looks are even more important. Some people are expected to look good, and not only those who work with their client's image - like fashion advisors or stylists. Proper and clean attire transmits a feeling of professionalism and reliability. If you want to impress your client and make them trust you, you need to choose your wardrobe, your footwear and your accessories with a good eye. 

Look good and progress at your job

Just as they say, dress not for the job you have, but for the job you want. If you wear nice clothes and shoes, you will be showing your superiors that you want to go the extra mile for the company, and that's something they will usually take on account when it comes to bonuses and promotions. 

However, looking good will not only help you progress at your work, but from the very beginning, it will actually give you a higher chance to be hired in the first place. There are few times when a first impression counts more than in a job interview. You need to be able to read the company's code and dress up for the occasion. Some positions and some areas require a better look more than others. If you want to be hired as a factory worker, then the quality and style of your clothes might not be a heavy factor in your job interview. However, if you want to work in the mortgage sector, which is a combination of finances/bank services and sales, you will definietly need to show to your interviewer that you can properly pick and put on an adequate attire.

So getting nice mens suits, an elegant tie and shiny shoes for the job interview can be just as important as having a good resume and writing a good CV with Grammarly with no spelling mistakes or other online tools. If you become a mortgage advisor, you will interact with the company's clients and be the company's face. So they will want to pick those who look the best, act the best and talk the best, and not only know the best. So make sure to look your best with the right clothes.

The look of a mortgage advisor

Every profession has its own visual language and its own set of skills and features a client expects to see in order to feel confident and in good hands. When you provide advise, regardless of the actual matter you talk about, you need to look and feel like someone reliable, knowledgeable and experienced. This is especially important with help with mortgage advisers, because in the end, you are telling people what to do with huge amounts of money. A mortgage is a loan that takes years and years to be repaid, is secured against your own property, and can cost you dearly if you make the wrong choice. You need to make your client feel that they can trust you, and that you know what you're talking about.

For this reason, some companies prefer to provide their own attires to their members. Corporate accessories like ties and handkerchiefs help create an image of presence and importance for the firm. The main company in the United Kingdom that manufactures custom ties and accessories with corporate logos and tailored designs is Keltic Ties, you might have heard of it. It has been in the market for seven generations and the Duke of Edinburgh is known to be fond of their creations.

Keltic Ties provides company ties and scarfs, handkerchiefs and suits, and a wide range of custom made products that are manufactured in top quality materials and delivered within a month. Companies can provide their custom designs for them to replicate, or the team of designers from Keltic Ties will work on free samples and send them in three working days. Hundreds of clubs, schools and companies in the United Kingdom proud themselves to have their own sets of Keltic's ties.