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Who doesn’t dream to own a beautiful house or flat? Who doesn’t want to have a place where to develop personal goals, idependence or, even, a family? Life is all about moving forwards, and finding your own place - or even, a new place that suits your new stage in life - is a part of the ride! 

Sadly, new homes are far beyond the possibilities of many people in the United Kingdom. Prices of properties are high, and if you want a home of good quality, where you can grow old, have a family and see your children become adults in a happy environment, you will have to aim for a property that is almost certain to be out of your budget. The state market is getting tougher in the UK and purchasing a home can be a real pain, or even impossible.

But don’t worry! You can always get a mortgage to help you jump over that distance that separates you from your dream! Buying your own house is possible, and we are here to tell you how!

There are so many mortgage offerings out there that you might find yourself clueless and overwhelmed. How can you know which is your best option? After all, there’s a lot at stake, it’s your own future home as well as a huge loan in which you are about to engage. Don’t let that make you panic, but bear in mind that you must be smart and careful, become well informed, and make your choice based on facts.

The purpose of Move and Mortgage is to guide all those who want to move to a better house through a mortgage. We won’t let you make a bad step, we will protect your interests and your finances. In order to do so, we provide plenty of information on best mortgage deals, details to take on account when choosing your dealer, best mortgage calculators, best plans, and all you need to know to pick the best mortgage loan.

When dreaming about your future, remember that people can often achieve more than they initially suspect. A well planned mortgage with a reasonable interest rate and a good repayment schedule can take you farther than you ever imagined you could go on your own. Now, that house of your dreams, with all those tiny details you were daydreaming about for only you know how long, becomes a real possibility for you. 

We would sincerely like you to reach your goals with your new home. After all, it’s not something simple like clothing or furniture, or something futile like a vacation trip. It’s nothing less than your very home, the place where you will live your life, raise your children and perhaps age. You shouldn’t let something like finances stop you from getting the best house. 

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